How it works

We are not banks, we connect borrowers with investors through our decentralized and secured marketplace.

User System

Providing creditworthiness of borrowers from transactions data on platform and wallet address by leveraging artificial intelligence technology.

Evaluation System

Screening qualified crypto assets to facilitate loans through our cutting edge quantitative and fraud detection model.

Exchange system

Securing multi-chain loans using smart contract and cross-chain loans with independent escrow service to circulate digital assets easy and safe.

Your assets are underutilized

Less than 1% of assets in real life are currently freely available to borrow.

Our target is to make 100% tokenized assets to be available to borrow.

*Most assets are not yet tokenized in real life, and most crypto assets are not available to borrow on existing exchanges.
Make your crypto assets more valuable

Earn interests by lending crypto assets

Find someone to rent your crypto assets to on your terms. Your collateral is held safely by smart contract or with 3th party escrow.

Raise liquidity against holdings

Get more liquidity without having to sell your favorite investment. Expand your portfolio without any additional equity.

Borrow crypto to profit from short

Make money from the market when it is going down as crypto assets are volatile.

Cover inventory shortage

Borrow crypto assets you need for market making to avoid withdrawal risk.

We are here

LOTS is a blockchain-based decentralized marketplace for borrowing and lending crypto assets in a easy and secured way. Our mission is to make assets more utilized, credit more transparent and investing more flexible.

Flexible cryptocurrency lending

Globalized lending system for cryptocurrency.

Transparent credit scoring system

Platform users build their credit by keeping good record to get access to credit service at lower cost.

Cross-chain digital assets circulation

All tokenized things can be circulated on platform leveraging cross chain technology.

Strategic Partners

Zeen Zhang

Expert in blockchain and crypto currency; Well-known entrepreneur; former president of APAC at FACTOM; CEIBS MBA, CPA

Yilei Pan

Founder and CEO at Kolme kiveä, a global restaurant chain focusing on fusion cuisine, with a plan to use crypto tokens as payment in Europe and international businesses

Brian Liu

Expert in Fin-tech; Former senior software engineer at Two Sigma Investment; Ph.D. candidate in computer science with multiple publications and US patents

Jocelyn Xie

Aspiring female entrepreneur; rich marketing experience in luxury and high-end consumer market; expertise in the marketing communication field in US

David L. Nguyen

Chief big data engineer at; Years of high-frequency quantitative trading structure experience; Bachelor in engineer from UC Berkeley

Wenyi Wang

Founder of Blockchain Developer Alliance; Dell EMC storage software staff engineer, senior software engineer; Master in computer science from Brandies University

Kirill Sevastyanenko

Senior manager at Avant; former Goldman Sachs technical team member; Master in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University

Bo Shen

Early blockchain entrepreneurs and investors in China; Founder of Fenbushi Capital and co-founder of BitShares

Sasaki Yuta

Founder and CEO at Three Stones, a global restaurant chain focusing on fusion cuisine, with a plan to use crypto tokens as payment in Europe and international businesses

David Johnston

Chairman of the Board at Factom, Ethereum Advisor, specifically advised on Token Economics; Founder of BitAngels and Decentralized Applications Fund

Yan Gong

Professor of Entrepreneurial Management Practice at CEIBS; Programme Director of CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp/CEIBS Venture Capital Camp; Ph.D. in strategic management from the University of Wisconsin- Madison;

Yan Li

Blockchain Venture Capitalist; Well-known entrepreneur; Vice President of Taikang Investment; Founder of Fengsheng Capital; Several years of investment experience at SoftBank China Venture Capital and Nomura Securities.

Henry Liu

Blockchain Venture Capitalist; Ex-Facebooker; Growth Advisor; Former international fixed-income analyst at Liberty Mutual Group

Quah Zheng Wei

Managing Director at Lykke Asia; Founder of CEITO; Former trainee at BNP Paribas Investment Banking APAC team.

William Wang

Economist and blog writer. Ph.D. candidate in economics at Complutense University of Madrid, Spain; Research interests include free banking theory, economic history, etc.
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