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Cryptoasset circulation platform LOTS holds news conference

SINGAPORE, June 8th, 2018 - Cryptoasset Circulation Platform LOTS held its “Linking Up with the New Economy” project news conference, laying out the LOTS project’s development progress and future strategy. During the conference, LOTS demonstrated its current internal testing products. Special guests included Gong Yan, Professor of Entrepreneurial Management Practice at CEIBS, and Tom Huang, Co-Founder and COO of Hashgard, both of whom delivered keynote addresses.

LOTS is a peer-to-peer cryptoasset circulation platform based on blockchain technology, meeting the circulation and investment requirements for a diverse environment. While LOTS users maintain complete control over their cryptoassets, they’re able to enjoy fast, safe, and reliable lending through the platform, tapping into the present value of their assets and generating greater profits than before.

As global economic growth and traditional capital investment has reportedly slowed, more and more investors are turning to Bitcoin and similar new asset types. According to data from Coin Market Cap, by the beginning of June, a total of more than 1,600 different types of cryptocurrencies were exchanged online, and the total market value of all cryptocurrencies as a whole surpassed $400 billion USD.

Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are both fair representatives of cryptoassets. Given the large and increasing number of investors approving of, and endorsing, such assets, the value preservation and appreciation of cryptoassets has quickly attained high demand, as well as moderate concern: owing to a variety of reasons, quantities of tokens are unable to circulate freely in the marketplace. At the same time, the market serves as the heart of the trade sector, average currency holders in the middle of trading, are in fact, unable to avoid the market’s pricing and operational risks. Accordingly, the market needs a truly decentralized and no-threshold trading platform to step forward and offer genuine intermediation.

LOTS has emerged to face these issues of a changing world; using the LOTS platform, borrowers leverage their current tokens as collateral, borrowing crypto currencies to make other follow-up investments. Lenders, through the use of Peer-to-Peer technology, receive the corresponding cryptoasset collateral, and earn interest through lending. In the course of the exchange, neither the lenders nor the borrowers have any need for the intermediation of a third-party; as long as the collateral-to-lending ratio is approved of by both parties, the transaction is completed.

During this process, LOTS, powered by Cosmos’ “cross-chain” technology, makes the complete circulation of cryptoassets a reality, thanks to the unique capacity for blockchain technology to ensure that the transaction is transparently trackable and immutable every step of the way. Blockchain’s underlying “consensual algorithms” makes use of smart contracts, performing in a highly proficient manner without the need to entrust mediation to a third party; this makes it not only the strongest in regards to cost efficiency, but moreover capable of protecting against the obstruction of improper litigation in regular contractual implementation. Cosmos is currently one of the world’s most developed back-end blockchain technologies, and is the fastest developing and most reliable cross-chain technology on the market - one that provides project LOTS with a faster and more convenient possibility for circulation, and substantially raises the efficiency of the modern cryptoasset trade.

It is worth noting that the circulation of traditional assets often bases itself on a system of credit, requiring the investment of significant amounts of energy and resources. Moreover, at the moment, there are a number of relevant projects that essentially replicate the standards of old banking systems, and require users in the crypto-world to once again accept traditional credit ratings, all without making use of genuine blockchain technologies; this situation, for people and institutions who struggle to get credit approval within the traditional banking system, requires the platform itself to promote risk control; in other words, the contradictions found between the requirements for the valuation and circulation of different types of currencies grow by the day, leaving cryptoassets’ positioning and capacity for financing in the current environment gravely misallocated. Figuring out how to offer “self-proofing trust” through the use of blockchain technology while achieving personal crypto-asset value-affirmation has currently become an urgent, industry-wide issue.

The LOTS platform promotes the inherent value of cryptoassets, establishing safe and effective monitor-modeling and value assessment systems through cutting-edge quantitative analysis; in the crypto-world, it stands out as the first to set forth the concept of “decentralized circulation.” Aside from offering foundational borrowing and lending services, LOTS will eventually meet the demand for internet asset integration, the optimizing configuration of tokenized real assets, large- sum cryptocurrency financing circulation, and will ultimately become the model and benchmark for the “linked-up new economy.”

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