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LOTS shared the high-end forum with blockchain institutional investors

On July 14th, LOTS founder Zeen Zhang spoke about “The Risk Control of Blockchain Investment” in Shenzen, the pioneer city of China's Internet development. He was invited to the AHSH High-end Investment Forum.

Shenzhen-based AHSH Capital had invited a diverse group of influencers and practitioners from the blockchain industry to get together with domestic investment institutions. The purpose of the forum was to exchange experiences in blockchain investment and to explore potential technology applications. A broad consent appeared to be that the blockchain ecosystem will embrace the admission of professional institutions.

The forum focused on several major topics such as primary market investment, definition of coin values, trading or investment and blockchain technology development. Among these topics, LOTS brought up its view of controlling risk in blockchain investment. The five key aspects LOTS founder Zeen Zhang highlighted are, technology trigger, expectation expansion, disillusionment, enlightenment recovery and production smoothing. Zeen emphasized that the blockchain is the organizational way to prove that production relations change business operations. In addition, Zeen illustrated a new way of blockchain investment process best-practice. This new approach encourages the industry to give more management attention to the post investment phase.

Through the speech, on-site participants were able to gain an insightful understanding of LOTS's aim to build an efficient decentralized crypto asset circulation platform.

As a professional investment institution AHSH Capital highlighted the importance of compliance as the most important evaluation criteria for making investment decisions. All the other aspects including the token economic model, the business logic, the technology’s architecture, team advisory and investor marketing, PR and community should all be considered as secondary criteria only. Excellent projects always attract high-quality investments.

It took thousands of years for mankind to establish the farming culture. It took hundreds of years for human society to run the industrial revolution. It took 50 years to develop the information progress and it took 20 years to accomplish the Internet revolution. Blockchain is the transformation of production relations It may not take so long to shift into a new era. Great companies are bound to emerge from such process improvements. Finally, it will lead us into a phase of a trustful economic system reconstructed by the blockchain.


【About LOTS】

LOTS is a safe, open and convenient global financial ecosystem platform for digital assets based on blockchain technology and is committed to offering superior, transparent, and trustworthy asset growth services to platform users. Collaborating with partners in the digital asset ecosystem, LOTS develops all kinds of digital economy business scenarios, construct a complete, reasonable and open ecosystem, expand investment and financing channels for global digital asset owners and meet demands for distributed wealth management for digital assets. While LOTS users maintain complete control over their digital assets, they’re able to enjoy secured and unsecured loans through the platform, tapping into the present value of their assets and generating greater profits than before. Established in Singapore, LOTS also has a presence in Japan, United States and China.


Jocelyn Xie, marketing director


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