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LOTS ideates an ecosystem that motivates crypto asset growth

On the afternoon of July 20th, the founder of LOTS LAB Zeen Zhang (former FACTOM president of the Asia Pacific Region) took part in a road show to ideate a new ecosystem motivating crypto assets appreciation. The event was hosted by Qualblocks Capital in Beijing.

The surge in the number of users participating in crypto asset investment has created an extremely exuberant demand for asset circulation. Nowadays, the global market has more than 1600 different crypto currencies, with a total market value of more than $250 billion and a daily trading volume of more than $16 billion. Millions of internet companies, billions of internet users and trillions of dollars. are preparing to enter into a new value era based on blockchain. 10% of the global GDP will be recorded on the blockchain, which is strong enough to show that crypto currencies are becoming an important investment method and financing tool within the industry. And it will be an indispensable asset allocation for professional fund managers.

The flourishing development of the crypto asset market demand and the absence of services by traditional financial institutions trigger an increase in commercial models based on the “tokenomics”. The ecological construction of the value added into this market is still in its early stage. Compared to the traditional centralized transaction mode, the crypto asset transaction based on blockchain is very diversified, and the huge market gap in between is stimulating a large number of projects. However, this is not a scalable system yet. Therefore it is essential to develop an integrated exchange ecosystem rather than isolated projects.

Lots is a platform for users to enjoy fast, safe, and reliable mortgage and credit rental services. It provides professional investment and financing channels with secure and transparent management tools. The platform actively links partners to build a new ecological environment for crypto assets appreciation.

On the platform, a closed loop is created between professional crypto asset investment institutions and qualified individual investors. The asset end users, such as investment funds, quantitative funds and project foundations, initiate the rental demand with collateral. It then only takes two steps to get funded from the capital end users including but not limited to miner pool owners, FOF funds and qualified individual investors. In addition to directly matching the demand of both ends, in order to have more credibility to serve the market, LOTS further facilitates relevant services like professional rating agencies, crypto asset insurances, and trusteeship services to form a closed loop of investment and financing. It also helps LOTS to enhance its professionalism and deepen its influence.


【About LOTS】

LOTS is a safe, open and convenient global financial ecosystem platform for digital assets based on blockchain technology and is committed to offering superior, transparent, and trustworthy asset growth services to platform users. Collaborating with partners in the digital asset ecosystem, LOTS develops all kinds of digital economy business scenarios, construct a complete, reasonable and open ecosystem, expand investment and financing channels for global digital asset owners and meet demands for distributed wealth management for digital assets. While LOTS users maintain complete control over their digital assets, they’re able to enjoy secured and unsecured loans through the platform, tapping into the present value of their assets and generating greater profits than before. Established in Singapore, LOTS also has a presence in Japan, United States and China.


Jocelyn Xie, marketing director


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