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LOTS announced collaboration with Lane.Express

As a strategic partner, LOTS, a new ecosystem for digital assets growth, announced the cooperation with Lane.Express, a community platform based on blockchain innovation and token economy. On early July, Lane held its product launch conference in Shanghai, brought together more than 50 investment institutions and partners to share the value of the asset circulation + quantitative community ecology.

Digital assets that are based on consensus mechanisms naturally need to operate and circulate in the community drive the decentralized economic model of blockchain innovation. However, the existing in-circle social platforms and asset management tools in most cases are separated from each other, just as WeChat does not have a wallet function. The cooperation between LOTS and Lane will fully activate the perfect combination of finance + community in the future by empowering the community with digital assets growth and diversified assets management options. Blockchain technology refactors the important landing scene of token economic model.

On the product launch event, the founder of LOTS, Zeen Zhang, took the strategic cooperation between both application scenarios as an example, shared a topic of “blockchain technology blooms digital asset circulation”, and elaborated on the asset financing business with all-wave participants. Based on the strategic goal of each parties' product landing and the value consensus, digital assets will safely circulate as an important financial infrastructure to motivate quality communities.

As more and more blockchain practices come to the fore, the centralized exchanges may no longer be the exclusive circulation scenario. Instead, the community channel with a common understanding will be established and recognized by the market to promote circulation. As an ecosystem participant in the shared strategic vision, LOTS will continue to iterate the products, improve the various scene-based functions, and initiate the best experience of risk management, thus guide the optimal market pricing based on the community and grow as a contributor to meet the needs of quality asset allocation and diversified investment.

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