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LOTS participated in the founding ceremony of the GDF Capital

With the theme of "Infinity Digital Finance", on Aug. 7, the Global Digital Finance Capital (GDF) was officially established in East Taihu Lake, Suzhou. Zeen Zhang, the founder of LOTS LAB, participated as a guest of the Round Table panel discussion, connecting with ecosystem investors and project founders to share the future financial system.

The GDF fund will be jointly led by the world's top blockchain investment institutions including Fenbushi Capital, the World BlockChain Forum (WBF) Conference in New York, and the comprehensive investment group's advantageous capital. The fund scale will reach 100 million US dollars.

Fenbushi Capital, WBF and other advantageous capitals cast a common vision towards the future of digital finance. Motivated by great consensus, top investment institutions in blockchain industry and well-known traditional investment companies choose to conduct cross-border alliance. The incubated funds BKFUND and BFFUND jointly set up the digital capital to focus on areas such as exchange, digital wallet, trustees, security, auditing, liquidation, platform, and media.

Bo Shen, founding partner of Fenbushi Capital who is also the advisor to LOTS platform, said at the GDF founding conference: "Nowadays the blockchain industry has started to redefine the digital finance, promoting a series of financial services derived from the core of digital assets, and also forming a "self-financing" model, Each individual can issue, own and trade their own assets.”

Zeen also presented his point of views at the Round Table Forum that blockchain technology is not only an open record of digital currency transactions, but also an important innovation in the credit system of the business world, reducing the marginal costs of various activities, and promoting the liquidity of digital assets. Digital finance cannot be regarded as a supplementary means of traditional finance. It restructures the cost of commercial activities, expands to areas difficult to reach by conventional ways, and forms a mutually reinforcing, complementary and integrated relationship with traditional finance. The establishment of GDF will further empower LOTS to provide members of the ecosystem with safe, open and convenient global asset management services.


【About LOTS】

LOTS is a safe, open and convenient global financial ecosystem platform for digital assets based on blockchain technology and is committed to offering superior, transparent, and trustworthy asset growth services to platform users. Collaborating with partners in the digital asset ecosystem, LOTS develops all kinds of digital economy business scenarios, construct a complete, reasonable and open ecosystem, expand investment and financing channels for global digital asset owners and meet demands for distributed wealth management for digital assets. While LOTS users maintain complete control over their digital assets, they’re able to enjoy secured and unsecured loans through the platform, tapping into the present value of their assets and generating greater profits than before. Established in Singapore, LOTS also has a presence in Japan, United States and China.


Jocelyn Xie, marketing director


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