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LOTS co-organized blockchain networking event in Shanghai

On September 11th, on the occasion of 4th Blockchain Summit being held in Shanghai, top blockchain projects, investment institutions, media were all gathered in Shanghai on “Chained to The Rhythm” Networking Event to exchange the latest industry trends and share technology insights.

We jointly organized the event with DREP, OATH Protocol, KeyperX, CryptoMondays, to create a delightful atmosphere for industry peers to connect, learn and share information with each other.

Numerous investment institutions joined the event, including Fenbushi Capital, Huaxing Capital, Legend Capital, SAIF Partners, Node Capital, Chain Funder, JRR Crypto, Draper Dragon, NEO Global Capital, Future Money, Acropolis Capital, etc.

Top tech medias also presented themselves: Silicon Valley Insights, CoinStation, Block72, Huoqiu Caijing, etc. Some projects friends also showed up including Ontology, ICON, QuarkChain, Gifto, Fusion, etc.

It was a discussion about technology, new routes, beliefs and the topic of our time. It was also a joyous gathering where we set aside FUDs, speculations, gains or losses, debates of bullish/bearish market.

As the event host, LOTS’s CEO, Zeen Zhang, extended his warmest welcome to distinguished guests from afar as well as sharing his thoughts and vision on Blockchain ecosystem development in the coming years. He said, the corporation with DREP means a lot to the blockchain ecosystem, in the future based on the credible and transparent reputation established on DREP, LOTS would be able to provide users with on-chain finance in a more secured and convenient manner. During his speech, he also said "With the continuous maturity of blockchain technology, new opportunities are coming to the commercial world. In the process of industry development, all parties should work close together to build ecosystem in synergy.”

On the scene, Co-founder of DREP, CEO of OATH Protocol, founder of KeyperX, also gave a short speech. Through the gathering, all parties were able to strengthen the knowledge and understandings throughout different dimensions of the industry, and support those projects that are truly working on developing blockchain products under the recent atmosphere upon us.

The event received great appreciation from guests, and we are asked to hold it on a regular basis in the future. LOTS will consider bringing this gathering forward in Europe, East Asia, and United States, etc. Please stay tuned for further updates.

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